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Soft Palate

Singers should be aware of the function of soft palate during singing. So, you may ask "Where is it?" ; "Oh, I cannot feel it! How can I control it?" ...

Soft palate (SP) is a moveable fold which at the back of hard palate. Actually, we use our SP every second in our daily lives. For example, when we sallowing, SP closes to prevent foods flow into the nasal accidentally; when we breath or chewing, SP closes the oral cavity, that's why we can breath when chewing; SP closes when we hold our breath (like swimming), to prevent water or air pass through the nasel or oral cavities into the pharynx. It sounds very easy and common action in our body. But how to control SP while singing? Let's go to the next bit.

Actually, SP is raised and pressed again the passavant's cushion automatically when we press down our diaphragm.

You can feel this action through a deep breath. Canyou't feel it? I will talk about deep breath and rib next time. Practice make perfect !

Simon, 2018

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