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Miss Tiffany Lau's

Teaching Approach

As a singing teacher, my major emphasis always is on vocal technique. I believe that without a right technique, singers are unlikely to understand their full potential. Even worse, they may develop vocal problems which may have long lasting physical effects. I have had considerable experience in identifying and resolving vocal problems with all age groups singers.

The approach taken is complete in the sense that the whole body as one’s instrument is taken into account. My concern is to sustain the continuing progress of my students.  This is supported by personally customised vocal development plans which I develop.

Music Sheets
Music Sheets


Students will immediately realise that a beautiful singing voice is not enough, and that physical and musical awareness is of utmost importance for a complete performance. I am having had more than 15 years’ teaching experience, that this approach has been shown to be essential to a successful development.


Emphasis is also placed on the achievement of good language skills with the aid of internationally used phonetics which assist with pronunciation and the understanding of text.

Help and advice is also given with stagecraft, acting and communication, particularly for examinations, recitals, auditions and concerts.

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