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A new muscle training

This Friday , I have started this some new muscle training with my student.

They were all very surprise on this 2 bottles. Everyone can have this exercise easily by having two little bottle, about 330ml ( the picture is an example, you won't need to buy any extra material). This weight is suitable to 8 year-old or above, for adult or gentleman , teacher might consider a pair of heavier bottle.

Okay, you might ask how to use this for muscle training? Right ! 50% of my student guess it correctly ....

Grasp one bottle in your hand and leave it straight to shoulder leave, and sing a series of exercise.

For the first cycle, I only gave them one series of single vowel and third apart up and down.

About 70% of students, feel tired after 8 times, little break , say 10 seconds and have 4 more.

If student looks acceptable, I will try another 4 sets with them.

This exercises is to open up singer's chest and letting the voice out freely.

But for some young singer or singer with less developed back muscle and weak shoulder, this exercise must not do too much and too fast.

Surprisingly, after first attempt student M, gave me a feedback that she can feel her voice comes much more easily with stronger support but effortlessly. And Student R, found a bit more relax on her throat while using this exercise.

I will keep this as a normal warm-up for 4 weeks, and will see all students' improvement.

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